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Core Cutting Services in Dubai

Welcome to core cutting services in your city Dubai. We are now offering all Services of concrete coring holes in your city Dubai, in Sharjah, in Ajman, and in Umm Al Quwain at Cheap and reasonable Rates from the opposite core cutting service in these cities just by a call. We also provide all categories of holes in solid concrete or hollow concrete in these cities. Our Company also provides service of beam cutting, beam holes, and slab cutting, slab holes with our heavy-duty coring machines in the International city of Dubai and all the other cities of UAE(Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain).

We do all categories of coring holes within the concrete slab and concrete beam just by calling us at our given numbers.

Our Services of Core Cutting Contractors In Dubai

  • 2-inch coring holes in slab and beam in Dubai and Other cities of UAE.
  • 3-inch coring holes in slab and beam for the electrical DB cable in Dubai and in other cities of UAE.
  • 4-inch concrete coring holes in concrete slab and beam in your city Dubai and also in UAE.
  • 5-inch coring holes in concrete slab for the w.c pipes or others in international city Dubai and in UAE cities.
  • 8-inch concrete coring holes for the water pipes or others in all cities of UAE including Dubai,

Large Round Coring Holes

We also do large round holes within the concrete sidewall coring holes in UAE including your city Dubai, Ajman, etc.

Our Heavy Machine core cutting services

  • 20-inch coring hole within the concrete slab or a sidewall

Straight Concrete Cutting:

We do straight cutting within the concrete slab with a low. And reasonable rate(price or charges) from other core cutting service providers in Dubai and UAE. We cut the concrete slab in a square or in any dimension according to your desires.

core cutting in dubai
Core Cutting in Dubai

We also provide core cutting service altogether UAE with cheap(low and reasonable) rates. We do all categories of concrete cutting and concrete slab holes in the United Arab Emirates (Including Dubai).

Core Cutting in Dubai

Concrete Cutting Services is that the main(major) provider of concrete cutting services in Dubai and UAE. Because we pride(honor) ourselves on our commitment to our customers of completion time and our work. Our innovation within the industry. And our dedicated highly trained(professional and hardworking) team in Dubai and UAE. We are continuously evolving the industry with our complete range of services to satisfy the requirements and demands of our all customers in the United Arab Emirates. Our goal is to possess 100% customer satisfaction from the planning stages through the completion of their projects.

Core Cutting Companies In Dubai

Always on the vanguard, our services make it easy for our customers to return to a minimum of one place for all of their project needs in Dubai and all over the UAE. We pride ourselves on our commitment to end client satisfaction and safety, which we have got the reputation and diary to prove. We truly are “Cutting Industry Out of the Stone Age” in all the cities of the United Arab Emirates.

Our Best Core Cutting Services in UAE are:

Wall Sawing

This process is applied to cut openings in concrete walls for windows, doors, and foundations during we are providing our services to you. With the only wall sawing system within the industry and experienced(professional and expert) operators, we can easily cut perfectly smooth and leveled openings by the means of these experts. We also have well-equipped blades that can hack to 24 inches deep.

Flat Sawing/Slab Sawing

In order to cut horizontal flat concrete surfaces in Dubai and all over the UAE like floors, bridges, or pavement, the appliance we use is flat/slab sawing. We consider small decorative concrete cutting, cutting for trenches, and massive scale highway rehab. Our flat saws have a high horsepower rating that ranges from 60hp to 85hp. we’ve both electric and fuel-powered saws to cut both indoors and outdoors.

Core Drilling

Concrete core drilling is known as the method of drilling perfectly(to perfection or perfect). Round(circular) holes through concrete walls, floors, and other concrete structures in all the cities of UAE(including Dubai). We have got the potential(capacity) of drilling holes ranging from 1″ to drilling larger holes up to 30″ in diameter in Dubai and UAE. Varieties of the roles where we’ve cored include dams and commercial buildings etc. In Dubai and also in Ajman and in other cities of UAE.


Our handsaws and diamond concrete chain saws give us a versatile cutting ability(power or capacity). This permits(allow) us to make deep, precise, and specific cuts from tight areas.

Breaking and Removal

We also offering breaking and removal services for you so on stay your job site clean and safe. No matter how small or big your construction site is, we’ll break, clean, and deduct concrete in Dubai. From your job site in an efficient, safe, and reliable manner in Dubai and other cities of UAE.

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