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We Provide(offers) Service for concrete Cutting & coring holes in these cities Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain at a reasonable price or low price from the other core cutting service companies in all cities in UAE. We can do all categories(types) of drilling or holes in solid concrete or hollow concrete in Dubai and UAE. We are also offering(providing) service of beam cutting, beam holes, wall cutting, and slab cutting, slab holes with our heavy-duty coring machines.

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Over the many years in Dubai and other cities of UAE, we’ve developed expertise(expert) in core cutting services, and boast of highly competent staff(workers team) with extensive(professional) training altogether aspects of core cutting. most significantly, we pay due consideration to make sure that the project is completed in an environmentally friendly and risk-free(safely) manner. With proper(best) timeliness and cleanliness, we ensure safety for beat every single project that we undertake(complete).

At the Core-Cutting in Dubai, we add sync with our clients(customers) to make sure that they receive(get) the foremost cost-effective solutions for his/her projects in Dubai and UAE. As such, we are dedicated to making sure that our manpower delivers to the sole of its abilities and completes every single task in a timely manner. We draw on our years of industry experience and offer the foremost comprehensive services covering(including) all the key requirements(needs) of clients within the event industry.


Core-Cutting was established as a result of the ever-growing demand for core-cutting contractors within the UAE. Equipped with world-class, high-tech cutting tools(instruments), our expertise(potential) within the domain possesses us able to be an industry leader. With the foremost advanced high-efficiency equipment and highly skilled and experienced staff members, we are available to provide efficient, quick, and cost-efficient solutions for new-built projects, structural alterations to buildings, and even refurbishment projects. All the projects that you simply(normally) entrust with us are bound to be completed as per absolutely the highest quality, safety, and environmental standards set by the authorities within the UAE.

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