Diamond Wire Sawing Dubai

With about 11 years of experience within the development field, Wire Sawing Dubai is that the United Arab Emirates leading Diamond Wire Sawing specialist technique. We worked on many sorts of projects throughout Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and will provide solutions to even the foremost complex of requirements or needs of our customers or clients.

Key features of Wire Sawing

  • We are offering Non-percussive, fumeless, and quiet.
  • We are also offering Smooth cut faces.
  • Providing Unlimited cutting depth.
  • Offering to our clients Horizontal, vertical, and angled cutting of circular openings up to 2500mm diameter.
  • Providing to our clients Flexible and quick.
  • Giving to our clients’ Plunge cutting facility which allows blind and rebated openings to be formed.
  • Also offering Remote controlled operations for increased safety.
  • We are also offering Cutting rates in additional than 2sqm per hour.

What is Wire Sawing?

Wire Sewing was regularly used for many years within the drilling process or method; however, the method has been perfected to be used within the Concrete Cutting field.

Using this methodology, a diamond-infused wire is fed through an order of guide pulleys and skilled or around the part of concrete that needs cutting then formed into a loop form. The wire loop is then moved through the concrete section until the cut is added.

As well as Wire sewing in Dubai, Core cutting also focuses on other concrete cutting methods including Floor Sawing and Wall sewing.

When to use Wire Sawing?

Diamond Wire Sawing is that the right technique or method when confronted with the problem of removing substantial areas of heavy ferroconcrete in complex situations where there’s limited access sort of a bridge or the removal of columns and beams, where depth and speed of cut are imperative.
Diamond Wire Sawing that uses High Cycle Electric or Hydraulic Equipment is that the way and far away from the quickest and most flexible method of cutting concrete that has been heavily reinforced. The Wire Saw is during an edge to chop even the thickest sections of all construction material. Core cutting team of Wire Sawing experts(experienced and professional workers) are able to do cutting rates in additional than 2sqm per hour and will also cut circular openings up to 2500mm diameter producing clean, straight, and smooth cut surfaces(area) with no damage or destruction to the remaining structure.