The Dubai UAE’s Leading Wall Sawing Contractors

With 11 years of experience within the construction industry or field or services, Core cutting is that the UAE’s leading Wall and Track Sawing specialist service among all services. As We worked on many kinds of categories of projects throughout the United Arab Emirates and should provide solutions(services) to even the foremost complex of requirements(or needs) including Wall Sawing Dubai.

Key features of Floor Sawing

  • We are providing precision cutting up to depths of 1000mm utilizing blades of up to 2200mm diameter.
  • Also, we provide precise remedial works during our services.
  • Our services include a remote-controlled operation for increased safety during working.
  • Our company also offers a range of cutting including angle cutting, inverted cutting, stair cutting, and flush cutting.
  • We provide Speed & versatility.
  • Our services are Fume free.

The Latest Technology

Using the very advanced or latest technology in the process or method of High Cycle Electric and Hydraulic Wall Sawing technology. Core cutting can precisely cut(or destruct) accurate openings or places to form windows, doors, and ventilation units areas, and deduct entire sections or parts of the area of structures in materials like heavy or large-sized ferroconcrete, masonry, and stone.

Wall Saw Cutting Services In Dubai

Our Wall Saws are highly versatile and their small, lightweight nature means methods they’re going to be utilized in situations where heavier(harder size) Floor Saws aren’t feasible. Additionally, our Wall Saws services are remotely operated removing the occurrence of vibration and also reduce the noise levels(low noise) encountered by the operator.