• Concrete Floor Sawing Services Dubai

We also are providing the only floor sawing services in Dubai. With 10 years of experience within the industry, Core cutting is one of the leading contractors within the UAE, and thus the company specializes in a selection of services including Floor Sewing. Using our vanguard High Output Precision Equipment. And our professional, expert and hardworking team can traverse heavily ferroconcrete or asphalt, to depths of up to 700mm, quickly(fast) and accurately.

Because, our Floor Sawing services are perfect(the best) for cutting external horizontal surfaces like roads, pavements, and airport runways, producing clean edges(corners) during a very short space of a while.

Key features of Floor Sawing

  • Highly precise cutting of ferroconcrete and asphalt.
  • High powered(capability), turbo diesel-engineered equipment or instruments for external production floor sawing.
  • electrically-powered tools or types of equipment for internal use.
  • Split saws featuring(features) component interchangeability for inaccessible areas.
  • Demolition or destruction cutting for refurbishment.
  • Can be wont to remove defective(damaged) concrete.
  • Loop cutting service in Dubai and UAE.
  • Precision cutting of joints or junctions using compact self-propelled saws.
  • Low level of vibration service in Dubai and UAE.
  • Blade types to suit every application(cutting).
  • Dust-free service in Dubai and UAE.
  • A fixed price for every contract.

Internal Floor Sawing Solutions in Dubai

As well as external Floor Sawing, Core cutting also focuses(give complete attention) on the cutting of internal floor slabs in Dubai and other countries in the United Arab Emirates. Secondly, Cutting, or maybe called the destruction of depths of up to 600mm thick are often achieved in environments or surrounding or the places like factories, supermarkets, and hospitals where speed of operation and consideration of location are imperative in all cities of the United Arab Emirates. And that we also will cut or destruct expansion joints or points of junctions up to 50mm wide(width) quickly and accurately with our self-propelled joint cutting saws tools and instruments.